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About Art van Bodegraven & Van Bodegraven Associates

Art van Bodegraven, CEO Van Bodegraven Associates


Art van Bodegraven, President, brings over 40 years of consulting experience to the table, first with Coopers & Lybrand Consulting(now IBM) and more recently at The Progress Group and S4 Consulting. Retired from both C&L and TPG, he has re-opened his independent consultancy in order to continue the client and collegial relationships developed over the years.

Although Art's consulting assignments have spanned many disparate functions in several industries, his later work has been concentrated in supply chain logistics, from strategies to nuts and bolts operations. Van Bodegraven Associates continues that focus.


Here's a dose of reality. VBA isn't Accenture, or IBM, or any of a number of gigantic international consultancies, and we have no intention of trying to look, or act, like them. If your comfort zone requires that kind of support, we aren't for you.

If you are willing to try a different kind of consulting relationship, one in which the consultant owns the problem as if it's his own, one based on mutual trust and confidence, maybe there's a fit. Certainly there's a reason to talk.

Bodegraven Approach Along the way, we try to have some fun. Sorting through opinions and suspicions doesn't have to be a grim toil. We believe in hard work; we also believe in keeping the right balance of work and play, and of business and personal commitments.

Maybe that's part of our success model, the ability to act like real people in working with real people. At the end of the day, it's not enough to know what the technical solution is. You've got to get people to buy into it.

The core of our analyses and recommendations are data-and-fact-based. Opinions an suspicions aren't a solid foundation for the future, in our view. That said, we know as well as anyone when it's time to apply judgment and experience to what the data seems to be saying to reach practical forward visions.

Our best work and best results come out of collaborative team approaches to problem-solving and change, environments in which client resources do a lot of the heavy lifting in analysis and design, and in implementation management

Not only is this cost-effective, it is results-effective, making barriers infinitely easier to knock down, making communications superbly simpler, and setting up target outcomes as a positive expectation, not a fear.

The Best Rolodex in the Business

The painful truth? Nobody can be all things to all clients, with enough in the way of skills and resources to be world-class in everything. One of our strengths is knowing not only when, but who, to call to deliver the right result.

iphone stay connected with businessWe retain working relationships with several independent consultancies can bring them into situations that play to their strengths, and depth of resources. We have relationships with organizations, across the spectrum of supply chain and logistics functionality. These are non-exclusive, there are no special arrangements, no quid pro quo deals, no limitations or restrictions on how the relationships operate. And, they are international as well as domestic.

Ok, it's not a Rolodex anymore, it's an iPhone or Blackberry, or Samsung or some other android, or whatever the next generation is. When it comes to who to call, we know the best, whether the need is for a firm or for an individual. And we don't hesitate to bring the best to your problem and its solution.

No matter the area, strategy, inventory management, 3PL operations, warehousing practices, facility design, systems, customer service, transportation management, sourcing and procurement, manufacturing integration, whatever, we'll bring the right people to the table.

Global Solutions Support

Art is comfortable and effective in international and multi-cultural environments. He has consulted, taught, and written in: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, the Netherlands, Guatemala, Canada, Greece, Suba, and the Dominican Republic. He helped found The Supply Chain Group, The Progress Group's transatlantic consulting consortium, and has served six terms as Chair, leading the SCG to its next level of capability as the Supply Chain Group AG.

Art has led multi-national teams with representation from: the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, China, Malaysia, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Cad, Nigeria, Belgium, Italy, and others.

His travels have taken him to: Korea, Japan, Cuba, Viet Nam, Singapore, Morocco, Spain, , Portugal, Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Greece, Turkey, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and others.

globeHe also works with Out Of The Box Consulting, a Netherlands-based affiliation of European consultants, and with Jeroen van den Berg, the WMS guru. His network of affiliations includes Asian hands with on-the-ground experiance in China, Taiwan, Sinapore, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, and India. He also has close ties with Latin American experts and consulting practitioners. In addition, Art works with LogixSource in Canada, and has served them as a corporate advisor.

Speaking and Teaching

speaker on lecturer circuitFor many of us, being involved with logistics and supply chain activities means a responsibility to give back to our community of practitioners, as well as being actively involved with professional organizations.

Art van Bodegraven has delivered subject matter sessions in various short courses at Georgia Tech's The Logistics Institute for over a dozen years. He has co-produced the Supply Chain Short Course, in a collaborative effort to design the curriculum, and secure nationally-know speakers. Art has also designed the Mini-conference on Supply Chain Basics for the UPS Center for World Wide Supply Chain Management at the University of Louisville. He also has made major contributions to a textiles supply chain seminar at Clemson University's Apparel Research Center.

Art has worked with CSCMP for four years developing and delivering the open enrolment public workshop curriculum, and recruiting talented faculty. He has also supported the delivery of custom education programs for corporate CSCMP members.

WERC and CLM/CSCMP national conferences have commanded Art's focus in recent years. For 10 years, he has been both a Track(Topic) Chair for CSCMP or WERC and has also given presentations on a variety of supply chain and logistics topics at their annual conferences.

Art has also appeared at APICS, IIE, and the Standards of Engineering Society's annual conferences. He keynoted a SCMIS biennial conference in Greece.

Art delivered a featured presentation at the Material Handling Institute's Research Colloquium on the supply chain and logistics implications of Thomas Friedman's The World Is Flat.

He is active in local supply chain and logistics organizations, as well, including CSCMP's Columbus Roundtable, WERCouncil, the Columbus Region Logistics Council (a Chamber of Commerce Initiative), and the Columbus Logistics Breakfast Club.