Van Bodegraven Associates

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Consultants

van Bodegraven Associates (vBA) was formed to provide supply chain and logistics management consulting services to clients small and large, in a wide spectrum of industries; at varying levels of sophistication and best-practice status; who genuinely want to improve performance; and who are ready for a different kind of consulting experience, and relationship.

We work primarily in the supply chain logistics arena, recognizing that we can be many things to many clients, but not all things to all clients. Our intent is to take on only those assignments that we are capable of accomplishing, with superior and tangible results, and that are rooted in client commitment to change and achievement.

Capitalizing on decades of broad industry and functional experience, and a foundation of strategic perspectives that infuses all of our work, we also deliver a range of general management, organizational, and individual development, training and education, and leadership programs in both private and public sector settings.

What Colleagues and Clients Say About vBA

The Definitive Introduction To Supply Chain Management
Fundamental Supply Chain Management An Essential Guide for 21st Century Managers by Ken Ackerman and Art van Bodegraven

What Clients Get

Depending on the scope and focus of our efforts ...

  • Reduced supply chain and logistics operating costs
  • Greater distribution throughput
  • Higher customer service and satisfaction levels
  • Increased supply chain capacity for business growth
  • Reduced inventories
  • Liberated capital for deployment in high return projects
  • Improved supply chain employee attitudes, morale and retention
  • More consistent and reliable product delivery
  • More effective integration with third party logistics service providers
  • Better relationships and broader collaboration with suppliers, driving improved costs and process execution
  • Greater logistics operations flexibility, with turn on a dime capability
  • Clear strategic development path
  • Alignment of supply chain planning and execution with corporate strategies and directions
  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Up-to-speed education for supply chain organization

What We Do

Supply Chain Performance Management

Supply Chain and Logistics Cost Reduction

Third Party Logistics Service Provider Evaluation, Selection, and Management

Supply Chain Logistics Diagnostics

Supply Chain Design

Litigation Support

Due Diligence for Supply Chain and Logistics Acquisitions and Investments

Supply Chain Management Workshops

Teaching and Training With the Supply Chain Game

Customized Supply Chain Training, Education, Seminars, and Workshops

Process Re-engineering

Logisitics Operations Rescue & Recovery

Retained Services